The cross stands high on churches and reminds us of Jesus' last words, "It is finished."
Jesus' last words, "It is finished," are a three-word sermon that invites us into a life of peace, community, and connection. It is a call to lay down our arms and to find last peace.
A chalk drawing of the earth with stick figure people holding hands around the perimeter. This reminds me of how grace can unite us.
Peter is called to extend grace to people far beyond what he has ever imagined. The Spirit is always trying to get the Church to catch up to the speed of grace.
Like a skilled artisan, God can help us weave a beautiful life by thoughtfully living with others.
The Bible offers us deep wisdom about how to live a beautiful life. There are three phrases we can embrace that will help us weave a God-honoring life.
Teach me that I am indebted to grace and allow that grace to help me understand how I can give grace and forgiveness to others.  
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Everyone in this passage is bound by something or someone. This passage asks us to consider who is bound and who is really free.
This passage offers the promise of God's help and empowerment instead of a performance checklist.
We want to live with the reality of our shortcomings and we also want to live beyond them, believing we are more than our mistakes.
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