Jesus' last words, "It is finished," is a gospel call to reject violence and domination and instead welcome community, connection, and service.
Thanks overlapping remind us that Jesus' last words, "It is finished," welcome us to a community of belonging.
Ever feel like you're surrounded by people yet utterly alone? This post explores how Jesus' message of love and community bridges the gaps that disconnect us.
The labyrinth is a fitting symbol for the faith and doubt journey.
How can a church grow in connection and solidarity? Churches can create a profound impact by allowing people the freedom to hold both faith and doubt openly.
Pride often leads to a distored view of self
While pride is a destructive force that can lead to internal and external strife, when healthy it can ground us in our ethics and faith. 
God's mercy flows like a stream to us
Mercy is like water - persistent, shapes us, lifts us up. Jesus washing feet shows God's love & service. We experience it too - in beauty, forgiveness, & by sharing it with others.
In this ordination sermon, I implore the congregation to trust in God's grace alone to define one's worth. It's hard to stop hiding, but the Lord loves to find and love us.
Mary has been taught of God's faithfulness in the past and this allows her to trust God for what's ahead.
Can we accept our limitations and trust God as we go into the wild world? Whose […]
Psalm 65 offers us encouragement that the river of God's provision has plenty of water. Let's be encouraged to trust in the God of grace who loves us.