Jesus' last words, "It is finished," is a gospel call to reject violence and domination and instead welcome community, connection, and service.
Thanks overlapping remind us that Jesus' last words, "It is finished," welcome us to a community of belonging.
Ever feel like you're surrounded by people yet utterly alone? This post explores how Jesus' message of love and community bridges the gaps that disconnect us.
A chalk drawing of the earth with stick figure people holding hands around the perimeter. This reminds me of how grace can unite us.
Peter is called to extend grace to people far beyond what he has ever imagined. The Spirit is always trying to get the Church to catch up to the speed of grace.
The labyrinth is a fitting symbol for the faith and doubt journey.
How can a church grow in connection and solidarity? Churches can create a profound impact by allowing people the freedom to hold both faith and doubt openly.
Like a skilled artisan, God can help us weave a beautiful life by thoughtfully living with others.
The Bible offers us deep wisdom about how to live a beautiful life. There are three phrases we can embrace that will help us weave a God-honoring life.
Like a bloom, the peace of Christ allows faith to blossom amid flaws and failures.
Our flaws, failures, and fears do not define us! Jesus comes to us and speaks peace to our ailing hearts and builds our faith.
In this ordination sermon, I implore the congregation to trust in God's grace alone to define one's worth. It's hard to stop hiding, but the Lord loves to find and love us.
"Forgive" is the hardest and smartest command of Jesus. I debunk several misconceptions about forgiveness and show the teachings of Jesus provide the transformative power that redefines our future.
Teach me that I am indebted to grace and allow that grace to help me understand how I can give grace and forgiveness to others.  
Peter gets rebuked by Jesus for disagreeing with how Jesus will choose to act! God provides minimum protection and maximum support in this ever-changing world. Peter doesn't wants a fixed faith, but Christ wants him to be fixed by faith.
Upon this rock I will build my church, says Christ! Those words give us confidence in our calling as we bear witness to our faith in a world that is often unpredictable and hostile. The gospel will prevail.
The storm rages and Peter asks to walk with Christ on the water while the disciples remain in the boat. What does faith look like in the storms of life?
Peter became an important part of the Church, but he started off as a stranger, just like me and you. In this article, I wonder what it looks like to own our faith and to grow beyond our own set limits.
Like Jonah, we think God's love is confined to people like us. God, however, extends the circle to include and asks us to do the same.
Family praying together around table
As you enter this new year, maybe you wonder, "How do I live my faith more consistently?" The New Testament writer has simple, helpful advice for us.
This is our gospel reading from the Gospel of Mark.
A woman drinking water from a water bottle.
We all have a well inside of us and it is there we meet the God of love and our thirst for God is quenched.
A bookshelf made in the shape of a tree.
Introduction David Dark, the author of Life’s too Short to Pretend You Aren’t Religious has a […]
No one is a lost cause and no one is hopelessly lost, because Christ is a Good Shepherd who seeks & finds. His love inspires our love for ourselves and others.
This parable provides us the opportunity to consider what it means for God to be a host and a guest. Are we willing to give what we have received?