I live in Poughkeepsie, New York with my wife and three children. I grew up in rural Mississippi, around the birthplace of Elvis Presley and William Faulkner. I spent most of my childhood outside with friends and siblings riding bikes, playing sports, and wandering around the beautiful countryside. Through the generosity of a local Baptist Church and the very persistent prayer of a grandmother, I became a Christian in high school and soon felt a nudge toward some type of Christian ministry.

I attended Blue Mountain College with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and graduated with a great set of friends. I moved to Marin County, California, and received a Master of Divinity from Golden Gate Seminary. My academic focus was theological and intercultural studies focusing on church planting. I loved living and learning in such a multicultural and fast-paced environment and grew in friendships with a broad range of people that expanded my viewpoint of what Christ’s church can be in this beautiful world. Barb now teaches elementary art in the Hudson Valley.

I love gardening and watching documentaries. I have wide reading interests and prefer mellow jazz versus the tinkly kina that grates on my nerves. I’m a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, but I’m not obnoxious about it. I also limit sports metaphors in sermons and in writings! Alleluia!

I’ve served as President of the Mid-Hudson Classis, which is part of The Reformed Church in America. I also serve on the board of KSwish Foundation and am fortunate to be the minister of The Reformed Church of Poughkeepsie, where all are welcomed — no really.

The Sanctuary of The Reformed Church of Poughkeepsie



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