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This passage is familiar and yet tricky and the lesson we often hear from it is the exact mindset that Jesus was trying to push against.
The Spirit opens doors, mouths, and hearts so that lives can be changed as people hear the good news of God's love.
What is the meaning of Acts 2? What is Pentecost? What is the role of the Holy Spirit? This passage helps us think through these important questions.
Everyone in this passage is bound by something or someone. This passage asks us to consider who is bound and who is really free.
This passage offers the promise of God's help and empowerment instead of a performance checklist.
Jesus’ identity as the Messiah is the center focus and prompts us to ask a question about his identity and the nature of God.
John 10:22-30 helps us understand Jesus' claim to be the Messiah.
We want to live with the reality of our shortcomings and we also want to live beyond them, believing we are more than our mistakes.
Christians do not move on from Easter, but instead allow it to bring meaning into every day.
Jesus deftly talks about suffering and hardship while also trusting our lives to God.
Before us are two crosses: the cross of Jesus and the cross of discipleship he calls us to carry.
A message in preparation for the season of Lent.
As Ephiphany ends, we see revelation: Jesus on the mount; Moses on the mountain; and the revelation of the Lord to us through the ministry of grace.
I got a few things wrong about what Jesus got right. When circumstances change, will we change our minds about the goodness of God?
Jesus preaches a word that seems contradictory: we can be happy in situations that aren't perfect?
There are certain topics that allow the listener to get a peek into how the minister views ministry, life, and how the minister views the listener's life. The topic of "calling" or "following your calling" is a topic that does just that.
Thoughts from preaching Luke 5:1-11; Isaiah 6:1-13; Psalm 138; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. The Revised Common Lectionary […]