Life is often a journey and requires trust.
Joseph and Mary were able to trust God for their present and future because they had […]
Mary has been taught of God's faithfulness in the past and this allows her to trust God for what's ahead.
At Christmas/Advent, the birth of Jesus Christ reminds us of the love of God. The many symbols of our faith remind us that God is our refuge and strength.
No one is a lost cause and no one is hopelessly lost, because Christ is a Good Shepherd who seeks & finds. His love inspires our love for ourselves and others.
An easy hike on well-worn paths makes a visit to The Stone Church in Dover Plains a fantastic choice for an outing.
What seems like harsh words from Jesus are actually wise words born from deep love.
This parable provides us the opportunity to consider what it means for God to be a host and a guest. Are we willing to give what we have received?
Jesus' miracle is a visible story about how the Sabbath can bring us freedom, provide relief, and fill us with gratefulness. 
Love and judgment–how are they both intertwined? In this evocative passage, Jesus presses us to realize […]
Christ offers us a way to be happy by trusting and becoming rich toward God. Click […]
When we pray we also hope, so in what do we hope? What makes our prayer effective? Is how hard we pray or something else?
Mary and Martha love Jesus, but Martha is distracted by cares, so Jesus invites her into restfulness.
I live in Poughkeepsie, New York with my wife and three children. I grew up in […]
This passage is familiar and yet tricky and the lesson we often hear from it is the exact mindset that Jesus was trying to push against.
The Spirit opens doors, mouths, and hearts so that lives can be changed as people hear the good news of God's love.
What is the meaning of Acts 2? What is Pentecost? What is the role of the Holy Spirit? This passage helps us think through these important questions.
Everyone in this passage is bound by something or someone. This passage asks us to consider who is bound and who is really free.
This passage offers the promise of God's help and empowerment instead of a performance checklist.
Jesus’ identity as the Messiah is the center focus and prompts us to ask a question about his identity and the nature of God.